Industry Leadership

Superior Paint & Body has been an innovator and leader in the collision / autobody repair industry since 1939 when Al Viner first opened his doors and continues today more than 70 years later.

These innovations have been in many forms. From pioneering the implementation of technological advancements, enacting new repair processes, instigating new safety concepts for employee’s health, and even embracing the latest improvements in environmental protection – time and again Superior has been one of Calgary’s industry innovators.

This mind-set is part of the reason why Superior Paint and Body is one of Calgary’s oldest collision repair facilities. Their longevity is due to their forward-thinking that ensures you, the customer always gets the very best repair techniques and processes that they can provide.

Here are a few of Superior Paint and Body’s accomplishments through the years:

1953 – Built a new custom designed facility to facilitate a newer and more efficient “flow through” repair process, plus a secure on-roof parking level to handle the high volume of vehicles.
1954 – Superior is one of the first companies to install “air make-up units” – a revolutionary way to keep the air inside the shop areas clean and fresh for the safety of the workers within.
1960 – Added upgrades to the air filtration systems of the air make-up units for the best air quality possible
1964 – Superior Paint & Body has Canada’s only privately owned infra-red paint baking tunnel. This puts Superior as the only manufacturer-level repair facility in the country
1972 – Cutting edge technology – Computers! Computer estimating system installed, the computer took up an entire room win the building, but enabled consistent, fast and efficient quoting systems, a new add-on in the industry
1979 – MIG Welding centre added into the shop for faster, better and more versatile repair options for customers
1988 – State-of-the-art computerized paint matching systems installed, ensuring the best match to factory colours
1999 – The in-house wheel alignment centre upgraded to a fully computerized wheel alignment system
2001 – Start work with BASF to create their exclusive “True Colors” paint system. BASF is the world’s largest chemical company and supplies coatings to auto manufactures world wide.
2002 – Superior Paint & Body is the first facility in Calgary to switch to an environment friendlier paint system with their “True Colors” paint technology – a big leap over the traditional toxic solvent-base paint systems.
2009 – Floor clamps for frame straightening installed in every bay in the shop, reducing the average repair time by roughly 2 days.
2011 – 3 new downdraft booths installed in the Superior Paint facility, making all of Superior’s paint booths state-of-the-art with the best techniques in coating processes today.

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