Our Clients

Young family collecting new carAt Superior, our clients are all types of people and/or business who owns a vehicle! We have been fortunate enough to have become a leading name in the collision and accident repair industries in Calgary. As a result we have worked for everyone from the average person who owns a basic car, to ultra-high-end vehicle owners, to car dealerships, and even directly for insurance companies. We repair hundreds of vehicles every year!

Our autobody repair clients very regularly include:

  • Family vehicles that were in fender-benders, hail storms or other damage
  • Auto dealer needing repairs on trade-ins, leasebacks or hail damage
  • Insurance company claims sent directly by the insurer, on behalf of the insured
  • Fleet repairs for road damage, collision damage or practically any other exterior damage
  • Repairing rock chips in paint or windshield to keep vehicles in top shape
  • Replacement of damaged or cracked windshields to ensure maximum vehicle structural integrity and safety for occupants

Client Testimonials

Our family owns & Operates Centaur Subaru new & used car dealership in Calgary. I have often used Superior Paint and Body Service for repairs on our fleet of cars, and find the end product is excellent. They are willing to work with us to get the job done quickly.
Centaur Subaru Calgary
Being in the real estate business I can honestly say my car is my office on wheels. I don’t have many accidents, but when I have the staff at Superior Paint & Body Service gives it back clean, making it look original and keeps me ticking.
Steve – Sutton Group Realty
I know my cars, and I know what I am looking at when it comes to quality collision repairs. What do I see from Superior Paint & Body Service is perfect fit, perfect finishing, and a great company to deal with.
Al – Integra Tire, Calgary
I’ve referred my father, my mother, my siblings and all my friends to Superior. They do above average repairs and you could never meet a more professional helpful staff.
John – Atlantis Construction
I have been getting my vehicle fixed at Superior Paint & Body Service for 18 years, GREAT repairs they’ve never let me down. Would not go anywhere else.
Russ – West Jet
We at Paramount Towing do day to day business with Superior Paint & Body Service and can I say other than we see organized professional and friendly staff and management. My drivers always want to be picked to do the tow INS going to Superior Paint & Body…
Paramount Towing
You couldn’t have a better collision repair anywhere else in my opinion
Enzo, Calgary
My fleet or trucks are out in the field and do take a beating so I have been having collision repairs done at Superior Paint & Body Service quite often every year. When I get them back from Superior I forget where the damaged was. Great color match, GREAT overall. Thanks, you guys rock.
Randy – Lenbeth Weeping Tile
I receive roughly 10-20 vehicles per week from Superior Paint & Body and have for many years. I do all of their 3-M film installs & interior shampoos. I see their work on a daily bases it is flawless and what I see most is you can’t tell the vehicle has been repainted.
Auto Protectors Calgary
There is no better way to say it – Superior Paint & Body Service is a GREAT auto body shop GREAT team, GREAT repairs. Won’t take my vehicles to anyone but Superior Paint & Body Service for my collision repairs.
Neilo – Excalibur Tile Inc