Dispute Resolution

In the unlikely event that you and your insurer disagree and can’t reach a resolution on the amount of damage to your vehicle that is covered (or if other disagreements arise over your vehicle’s repair), and if all attempts to solve the impasse have failed, a formal arbitration process is available. If you choose arbitration, it is important that you know that you will be responsible for your share of the cost involved.

The process is pretty simple. To start the appraisal procedure, submit a proof of loss claim form available from your insurer and send a written request to your insurance company for arbitration. A three-member arbitration group will easily resolve the problem. You choose an appraiser, your insurance company chooses one, and the two appraisers appoint an umpire. An appraiser can be anyone either party considers to be qualified to present its side of the issue. Each side pays for its own appraiser and half the cost of the umpire. The decision of any two of these three people is binding.

Remember that your insurer also wants to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible – and even if they disagree with you on the claim amount, they will fully participate in the arbitration process.

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