The Process

We at Superior Paint & Body Service have developed and implemented a streamlined process to make the often unknown, potentially frustrating and often inconvenient experience of post-accident vehicle repair better…
The process can be quite simple:

step 1 image Assessing the vehicle.

  1. After having reported the accident to your insurance company/broker, please call our reception at 403-297-1880 and book an appointment. It is important that you wash the vehicle before bringing it in for an appraisal as it allows us to better evaluate the vehicle’s damage, assess the repairs needed and prevents delays. Our knowledgeable in-house appraisers are relied upon by the insurance companies to assess the required repairs, they will take accurate notes to ensure all the parts needed to repair your vehicle are ordered. If your vehicle is not drivable at the time of your accident, you can have your insurer tow it to our facility where we can store it in our secure compound until an appraisal is done.
  2. The appraiser will contact you with an accurate competitive repair appraisal based on the results of the appointment as well as forwarding a copy to your insurance adjuster. Any specific details or questions you may have are answered at this time to ensure you are fully educated on the details of the repair of your vehicle.
  3. Then book a repair time that is most convenient for you.

step 2 image Prepping the vehicle.

  1. Upon your arrival on your drop-off date, our helpful and courteous office administrator will greet you, have you sign the repair authorization, then call to have you picked up by your car rental company based on previous arrangements.
  2. The next step of our repair process involves:
    • Prewash your vehicle to decontaminate the vehicle’s outside surfaces of any dirt, grease, silicone or waxes…
    • Do an overview inspection of the entire vehicle interior and exterior.
    • Document any preexisting damages i.e. dent, scratches, seats, carpets, tears…
    • Check power interior switch functions i.e. door locks, window switches, lamp functions and report to your in-house appraiser their findings. Superior will then report to you any safety items, previously unknown, or pre-accident concerns that need to be looked at or brought to your attention.
    • Place in your vehicle an information package that includes a detailed repair order (specific to your vehicle) that is used by your repair technicians.
    • Cover driver’s seat and floor carpets to eliminate any potential dust or other residue from getting onto the seat while being moved between repair stages.
    • Tag the vehicle and park it in our secured compound to await the repair assignment.

step3 Repairing the vehicle.

The Repair process:

  1. Our Production Management staff will now assign your vehicle repair to one of our qualified collision repair technicians who will:
    • Completely dismantle the affected collision area of your vehicle.
    • Review the repair order and make notes of any additional damage that was not visible until the vehicle was dismantled – eliminating any delays for additional part orders etc.
    • Check the repair order and all specific parts received for any shipping damage or for missing items which would be brought to the attention of our qualified parts personnel.
    • Repair or replace all parts listed on your repair order.
    • Measure and, if necessary, make any structural corrections with our state-of-the-art frame straightening equipment.
    • Notes are entered on repair order when the primary stages of the repair are completed.
  2. The next step is to assign your vehicle to one of our pre-paint technicians who then prepares all the repaired surfaces or parts for painting by ensuring all areas to be painted are clean, and all areas to be protected from paint are properly covered, removed or taped off.
  3. The next stage of repair is to paint the vehicle.  Whether it is the bumper, or a couple of panels or a full re-paint, we assure you that some of the industry’s best refinish technicians will use one of our 3 state-of-the-art downdraft OEM environmentally friendly spray booths. These booths are capable of baking on an exact color match durable flawless finish,  and a high-end lustrous top coat that meets or exceeds OEM standards and appearance.
  4. The final stage of the repair process is to return your vehicle back to the care of your assigned repair technician who will reassemble and final fit everything that has been removed or repaired – such as lamps, exterior trim pieces etc.

step 4 image Returning the vehicle to you.

  1. Upon conclusion of the final fit & finish we perform a full VIP detail service – cleaning your vehicle inside & out.
  2. Once all is complete and inspected by our staff, one of our front end administrators will inform you that your vehicle repair is fully completed. On final delivery, your appraiser will walk around the vehicle with you to review the completed repairs.

Our main focus at Superior Paint and Body is to provide you the highest level of service and vehicle repair from start to finish!